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Eight wet shirts and nowhere to hang them?

Eight wet shirts and nowhere to hang them?

We all know the feeling. You take out a load of washing from the washing machine. You place them on your drab, plastic clothes rack or your shower curtain rail. The weight of the damp clothes immediately brings the whole contraption falling down. Maybe you used the clothes rail to save on electricity, or prevent cherished garments from shrinking. But there you are, at 11 p.m. with eight wet shirts and nowhere to hang them. 

Let Kulani step in here. Thanks to our better-than-the-other guy, next-day delivery, you can have our clothes horse and drying horse before tomorrow night’s supper (we can’t help with the wet clothes all over the floor right now, sadly). By the following day, the newest addition to your laundry routine will be the perfect space for the batch of shirts, your best sweater that just can’t perish in the dryer, or your kid’s favourite printed, sports t-shirt. We’re just happy to bring you the simplicity and energy-conscious satisfaction of drying your own clothes with the speed of the modern world. 

Able to hold up to 10 kg, this clothes drying rack can extend and adjust. Slide it into the last available corner of your flat, or stretch it out under the sun on your terrace. Once everything has dried, the hanging rail can contract to the size of a small step ladder, a space saver easily stored into any closet or under the bed. Even better, our clothes horse is rustproof, giving you years of use out in the sun without any worry of wear or staining your wardrobe. 

One of our best selling products, this drying rack has earned fantastic reviews in little time. One customer wrote the clothes rack is “so perfect for smaller and larger spaces. This is easy to fold and does the job!” Another reviewer, Robin, writes “SAVE MONEY on electric dryers… (It will pay for itself in no time) Would not live without it.” Our personal favourite of the 5-star reviews, from “Customer,” keeps it short: “Does what it says.” 

So be free of another child upset with the fade of their favourite, printed shirt. So long to accidentally shrinking a great outfit in the dryer. Let Kulani help you lower that energy bill and toss out cheap drying racks that you buy twice a year.

But most importantly, with our next day delivery, combine a simple tool of the past, like a clothes rack, with the convenience of today. It may sound silly, but we find something soothing and practical in hanging out clothes on a bright day, with a cup of tea or glass of juice among the flowers in the yard. Why wouldn’t you want that with the ease of fast and simple delivery?


Art Moon Gobi Extendable Clothes Horse & Drying Rack

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