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Enjoy The Wood 2D Wooden World Map Colour 'Oak'

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πŸ“ Full Pack - a map with country names and borderlines + states names of USA, Canada and Australia + capitals of countries + lakes & rivers

Handmade of birch plywood.
Thickness is 6 mm (0.2-0.24 inches).
Default language - English

The FULL PACK map comes with lakes and rivers. The colour of the map might be a bit lighter or darker because it's made of natural wood.


βž₯ Easy installation in under an hour as each map piece has a number that matches a template, part of the included installation instructions.

βž₯ The map includes special sticky tape / double-sided removable adhesive that doesn't ruin your walls (however does not adhere to wallpaper).

βž₯ Ocean names, wooden aeroplanes, boats, and compass are included in the package.

Installation Video (3D Map Shown) NOTICE
This is not a true geographical map in that we don't include all countries and islands. Many islands are omitted due to the size of the map.