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Lamaze Musical Inchworm

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✅  A musical Inchworm that is a large, easy to hold, soft rattle that baby's love.

✅  A soft friend for your little one that is made from high-quality velour fabric.

✅  Your baby can have fun rattling, squeaking, crinkling, and jingling learning the different types of textures surrounding them.

✅  A soft Lamaze friend for baby to grow with! High-quality velour fabric. Underside measures baby up to 24". Fun rattles, squeaks, crinkles, and jingles with interesting textures to touch and chew.

✅  At over 60cm long, your baby won't be able to stop cuddling this soft and colourful musical inchworm. Great tummy time toy.

✅  Inchworm's belly features a measure in both inches and centimeters and his body has a variety of different textures.

✅  Approximately 60cm long. Surface wash only.

✅  0+ mths