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Front Door White 88x190 cm

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This front door not only enriches the entrance area of your house, but also ensures more security for your home. It combines elegant design with excellent technical properties for our customer who is looking for the right door in sizes 88 x 190 cm (W x H). Our entrance door is equipped with quality frame and filling, aluminium threshold, 3d adjustable hinges (3 hinges per door), 5 mushroom-head locks, insulating glazing and 1,2 mm steel reinforcement. Additionally, the aluminium entry door will impress you with the robust quality and high locking convenience. You will have a whole kit since the stainless steel pull handle and the inside handle are included, as well as the profile cylinder, keys, sealing tape and assembly set.

    ➥ Colour: White

    ➥ Material: PVC door frame + sandwich core filling

    ➥ Filling thickness: 24 mm

    ➥ Size: 88 x 190 cm (W x H)

    ➥ Window size: 44 x 20 cm (L x W) (top), 36 x 14,5 cm (L x W) (bottom)

    ➥ Frame and door leaf 70 mm thick

    ➥ All-round steel core in door leaf & frame

    ➥ More security through 5-point mushroom pin locking

    ➥ Equipped with 22 mm aluminium threshold

    ➥ 3D adjustable hinges (3 hinges per door)

    ➥ 4-12-4 ISO heat protected glazing

    ➥ UD value 1.4 W / m²K and UG value 1.1 W / m²K

    ➥ Left inward opening

    Pull handle set:

    ➥ Stainless steel inside handle

    ➥ Profile cylinder with 3 keys

    ➥ Stainless steel pull handle 350 mm

    ➥ Includes 2 rosette

    Mounting set:

    ➥ Includes 6 metal dowels, 6 wall anchors, 8 plastic wedges, 6 caps

    ➥ Dowel length: 152 mm

    Sealing tape:

    ➥ Precompressed foam

    ➥ 8 m on the roll